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A Blue Perspective: Birthday 2.0

Birthday 2.0
28 November 2005

Oh! My blog birthday almost passed without me noticing; it's just been that short a year.

I can't believe that it's been two years since I first put up this site. Feels more like 700 days ... 730 at most.

I was thinking earlier this week about how much this site has changed my life. The entire course of my life has been neatly and totally redefined by the people I've met and the opportunities I've gained; simply by putting my thoughts up here.

If it wasn't for this weblog, a fellow by the name of Andrew Fernandez (Dez, where are you!?) might never have contacted me about this small enclave called the Web Standards Group. I might never have met Russ Weakley, never have heard of Web Essentials 04, never have written SSCrabble (though that might have been a good thing) ... it's all so fractal. Swirls and eddies.

This year those chaotic currents brought me some of the greatest fortune I've had in all my life:

And of course, the new and renewed acquaintance of a whole bunch of more-than-friendly people who get the Web. Yeah, you. (Awwwwwwwww ... unless you're one of the people that bugs me about getting footerStickAlt to work on their website. If so, piss off.)

I don't know if it can, but here's hoping that year 3 can top all that. (I figure South by South West will give it a good try, so see you there!)


1/18. 28 November 2005 @ 08:11, Tim Lucas wrote:

The footer on won't stay on the bottom. Any ideas?

2/18. 28 November 2005 @ 08:23, The Man in Blue wrote:

Is it too late to change accommodation plans? :P 

3/18. 28 November 2005 @ 08:41, James AkaXakA - It won't let me click the commentbox! wrote:


4/18. 28 November 2005 @ 12:06, Russ Weakley wrote:

Congratulations and happy birthday!

I still don't get the web, but I am hoping your book will help me out.

Your site has hosted some amazing articles since its launch. Here's to many more (as long as they are a bit more frequent than of late!).

Before sharing any accomodation with Tim, you should be aware of his <a href="">less publicised habits</a>.

5/18. 28 November 2005 @ 12:09, Russ Weakley wrote:

Ooops. That will teach me to read the instructions above the comment fields!

6/18. 28 November 2005 @ 14:29, Tim Lucas wrote:

I'd be more worried about my *un*publicised habits, and yep, too late to change now... muhahaar

7/18. 28 November 2005 @ 14:31, Andrew K. wrote:

Congrats Cam! 

On a sadder note, it's a terrible shame that one of your highlights for the last year involved a CRIMINAL ACT!!!

You know what I'm on about -- why don't you tell the good people at home who the Google pen actually belongs to...

...and from the comments above it looks like you two are taking your stationary acquisition team abroad. Bring me back an SXSW pen! :D

8/18. 28 November 2005 @ 15:25, Tim Lucas wrote:

sounds like we better dig up some dirt on Andrew K real fast...

9/18. 28 November 2005 @ 18:50, The Man in Blue wrote:

I heard that he smuggles monkeys into Australia and trains them to work in his bonsai manufacturing sweatshops.

10/18. 29 November 2005 @ 01:06, Cody Lindley wrote:

Happy B-day. And thanks for showing up on the web with smart content and motivational work. 

11/18. 29 November 2005 @ 21:45, mattymcg wrote:

Happy blog birthday Cam. Good to see that you aren't forgetting the little people now that you're a big hotshot presenter and author.When is the blogebrity interview? :-P

Oh and here's some dirt on Andrew, he uses Comic Sans. The crime of it...

12/18. 30 November 2005 @ 13:34, Lachlan Hardy wrote:

Damn, Andrew K beat me to the the pen reference! All I can say is that I'm sure someone is missing that special pen

I still want to come to SXSW, I just haven't managed to re-mortgage the house yet

Besides all the chitter-chatter, I want to say well done. I'm still impressed, although surely it is time for a redesign?

Oh, and widgEditor doesn't seem to work in FF1.5 I had to disable JS in order to comment. It appears to be the 'unable to click on comment box' error mentioned above. Can't select the thing via mouse or keyboard and so can't input

13/18. 1 December 2005 @ 09:12, Marcin Andrzejewski wrote:

Happy Blog Birthday. Keep up with this good work.

Best regards
Marcin Andrzejewski

14/18. 3 December 2005 @ 04:42, Jean-Baptiste wrote:

Joyeux anniversaire, L'homme en blue.

15/18. 5 December 2005 @ 14:32, Andrew K. wrote:

Actually Cam, the Monkey smuggling is part of my "1000 monkeys at 1000 TR-808s" project.

They're currently working on their opus -- the greatest jungle track in the history of the genre; which I will sell to you and your DJ buddies at a highly inflated price.


16/18. 11 December 2005 @ 16:43, Wesley Walser wrote:

Your users have alread found a workaround for the ff1.5 error on widgeditor. Notice it's a 'workaround' not a fix in particular.

read last few comments on the writeup.

17/18. 12 December 2005 @ 15:06, David McDonald wrote:

Congrats Cam!

Here's to more future success for you and your business.

18/18. 16 December 2005 @ 07:30, MGMS wrote:

too late to congrate. but better than never. happy birthday! wonderful job in the /news section.

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