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A Blue Perspective: Birthday #1

Birthday #1
27 November 2004

It was exactly this day a year ago that I tentatively put up The Man in Blue.

I hoped that people would like it, that someone might link to it, but I've been overwhelmed by the response to the design (now a little old fashioned) and the sprinkling of articles that I've managed to sneak past my editor (that part of my brain which precipitates embarassment).

Since then I've become part of a fantastic, forward thinking and friendly community of web developers who have taught me so much and are really making the Internet a better place. We've progressed so much in just 365 days, who knows where we'll be in 3650?

Here's a few personal highlights from those halcyon days:

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this site, whether it be through insightful comments or useless ear bashing. Here's hoping I can do at least one more good thing in the second year!


1/16. 27 November 2004 @ 12:54, Keith wrote:

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the insightful (and quoteworthy!) articles, posts and experiments.

Here's to another year!


2/16. 27 November 2004 @ 14:46, Michael Koukoullis wrote:

Well done Cameron, I admire your commitment. Keep up the awesome work!

3/16. 27 November 2004 @ 16:27, Amit Karmakar wrote:

Well done Cameron, Congrats! Happy Blog Birthday :)

4/16. 28 November 2004 @ 11:07, Malarkey wrote:

Crikey! Is that all you've managed to do in a year?

Better start pulling your finger out Cam! ;)



5/16. 28 November 2004 @ 15:05, ACJ wrote:

Happy Birthday! I loved your latest experiments. Keep up the good work.

6/16. 28 November 2004 @ 20:16, Rob Mientjes wrote:

Congratulations! I think you should really give us another present in the form of an article ;)

7/16. 28 November 2004 @ 22:35, dez wrote:

Good job. For Birthday #2 I expect you to be blogging from SF, USA. Carpe Diem or some such thing...

8/16. 29 November 2004 @ 07:15, Russ wrote:

Excellent stuff. Keep up the great work. Of course, the pressure is on now. We expect huge things over the next 12 months

9/16. 29 November 2004 @ 14:13, Tim Hill wrote:

congrats, now add in that 'print_me_out_a_million_dollar_bill.exe' feature, and you get my vote for css lumberjack

10/16. 29 November 2004 @ 20:15, seriocomic wrote:

ditto everything above - deserved praise to a deserved recipient.

11/16. 29 November 2004 @ 23:31, Unearthed Ruminator wrote:

Has it been a year already? Congratulations!

12/16. 30 November 2004 @ 00:12, Chris Bloom wrote:

Been coming here for a while now and I always appreciate your attention to detail. Happy B-day, o' Man in Blue, and many more!

Now, back to banging my head on the wall trying to get my XHTML/CSS design to work :(

13/16. 30 November 2004 @ 13:28, Lachlan Hardy wrote:

Happy birthday, my man. You've earned every bit of recognition you've received over the last year

Now... where's the party?

14/16. 30 November 2004 @ 13:35, The Man in Blue wrote:

We had it at your place last weekend, remember? Geeze, you must have been *really* drunk.

15/16. 30 November 2004 @ 15:08, Lachlan Hardy wrote:

Yeah, I remember that you didn't show up!

Which means you will never get to gaze in wonder at my awesome collection of books, housed in the magnificent bookcase of doom - unless, of course, you come to another of my parties sometime

Besides, it is summer. We need more parties! I say, "Party at Cameron's house". Who's with me?

16/16. 1 December 2004 @ 08:17, Michael Koukoullis wrote:

I'm with you, party at Cameron's I say, someone rig up a poll or something, we need some popular support.

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