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A Blue Perspective: Web Essentials 04: the things they didn't tell you

Web Essentials 04: the things they didn't tell you
4 October 2004

Well, I arrived back a bit later than everyone else from Web Essentials 04, for extra-curricular reasons. While I didn't gain too much knowledge from the (non-accessibility) presentations (that's just me), they were all thoroughly enjoyable, and the ability to talk to over 200 like-minded individuals at the conference centre/pub/kebab shop was certainly worthwhile.

There's a few more thorough round-ups of what went on at the presentations, but here's a few facts you won't find in any of the transcripts:


1/9. 4 October 2004 @ 20:54, Russ wrote:

All true. One missing:

The Man in Blue has a habit of sleeping through presentations - even those of highly regarded accessibility experts.

2/9. 5 October 2004 @ 00:07, Andy Budd wrote:


Sounds like you all had a great time.

3/9. 5 October 2004 @ 09:41, Michael Koukoullis wrote:

Russ, The Man in Blue sleeps through many other things as well, I know, I work with him.

To his credit though his exhaustion is usually due to his passion for late night after hours design sessions, hopefully on my new site.


Michael Koukoullis

4/9. 5 October 2004 @ 15:37, Joseph Lindsay wrote:

Also, the is no mention anywhere of Dean Jackson's autostenographic efforts. A highlight for me.

5/9. 6 October 2004 @ 10:17, John Allsopp wrote:


actually, I believe Joe intimated it was me, not Russ, whose tastes ran to PDII, but I might have been asleep at the time too (not)


6/9. 6 October 2004 @ 12:15, The Man in Blue wrote:

Publicly, yes, you were outed for PDII, but behind closed doors Russ was an uber-princess-fanatic.

7/9. 6 October 2004 @ 21:39, Russ wrote:

Uber is right - it is just such a great movie. The plot, the character development, the acting, and some great car chases too... I could go on forever!

8/9. 7 October 2004 @ 16:52, ephi wrote:

I love those trivias. ;) Thank you for sharing.

9/9. 8 October 2004 @ 07:33, Jason Foss wrote:

LOL - I'm with Joseph - Dean's "autostenographics" were brilliant. Nice word creation too, by the way!

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