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A Blue Perspective: Replugged

6 June 2004

If you can read this it means my domain name's re-delegated in your part of the world and my new host server (Media Temple) hasn't crashed.

No major hassles setting up, just the usual CGI configuration, path changing and permission resetting. All of Media Temple's control panels and administration functions seem pretty helpful and straightforward thus far. And SSH access! Huzzah!

Enough server-side crap, on with the show!

(Oh, and if you notice anything a bit off-kilter, just drop me a note, ta.)


1/3. 7 June 2004 @ 23:53, Rob Mientjes wrote:

Media Temple is very widely used. Too bad they don't (easily) support .nl domains :P
Well. Good to see you back and kicking.

2/3. 8 June 2004 @ 22:32, kartooner wrote:

Looks good from here. Glad to see you've found a better host.

They are a dime a dozen these days.

3/3. 10 June 2004 @ 08:34, DarkBlue wrote:

I have a friend in the States who swears by MT. He's not generally an overly-enthusiastic person so I guess that MT is one of the better ISPs.

Keep us posted eh?

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