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A Blue Perspective: Maintenance

7 April 2004

Hmmmmm .. my visits actually increased during the week when I couldn't post. Maybe that says something about my writing ...

Just to get me (and my arm) back into the swing of things, I thought that instead of doing something fantastically new and mindblowing, I'd just do some tidying up and then make it seem like I did something fantastically new and mindblowing. To this end, I added a couple of new features to Technicolor.

You can now seed the colour generator by typing in your favourite hex code and clicking the "Change colour" button. And, for all those who spend hours slaving away, perfecting their colour combinations, you can now view the fruits of that labour using the "Generate CSS" button. It will supply you with the CSS code (for colouring) for each of the areas on the layout: body, header, right column, etc. This also means that when you forget what colours you've applied, you can now check them using the code view.

Hopefully these features will make Technicolor the new killer app, allowing it to capture the over-saturated Web colour-picker-designer-combiner-thingy market. (damn you Pixy!) Then I can charge a subscription fee, sit back and count the money. So get addicted already!


1/4. 7 April 2004 @ 05:17, kartooner wrote:

Awesome! Thanks for adding the features, Cameron.

Especially the ability to generate a CSS file.

2/4. 7 April 2004 @ 08:58, Steven wrote:

Nice very nice Cameron-

3/4. 7 April 2004 @ 21:32, Unearthed Ruminator wrote:

I love the ability to just put in a hex code and see the results. Great job.

4/4. 11 April 2004 @ 14:37, Henrique wrote:

Technicolor....hrmmm... Technicolorô lawyers will be speaking with theman inblue lawyers...

or by having a Law Degree.. do you want to represent yourself in a Trademarks infringement case?


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