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A Blue Perspective: Ow

29 March 2004

Earlier today I tried to squeeze my human shaped body through a 75% human shaped hole on the soccer field, and dislocated my right shoulder. After relocation (man that nitrous oxide is some fun stuff – every Simpsons quote is guaranteed to be five times as funny, though it might repeat 6 to 8 times in your inner ear) it's a bit tough to use a mouse with my right appendage, and the left one just doesn't quite cut it (as can be seen by my rendition of Munch's The Scream to the left). So I might take a short break from XHTML/CSS/Design tomfoolery for a bit (though it probably won't affect the infrequency with which I post).

See you back here in a week! :o]

P.S. Although I can't conceive of a situation in which any person related with said institution will actually read this, I'd like to give a heartfelt thanks to Melbourne's Austin Hospital Emergency Department, who are a great bunch of really helpful and friendly people, and treated my relatively minor problem perfectly. Huzzah!


1/6. 29 March 2004 @ 14:56, Hasan wrote:

I hope you feel better soon! (boy, you must have wanted to get onto that field pretty badly!)

2/6. 29 March 2004 @ 17:01, The Man in Blue wrote:

Thanks. It's my polite way of saying two people crunched me.

3/6. 29 March 2004 @ 23:22, Henrique wrote:

As an eye-witness to this tragic, disasterous turn of events... I want to just say.. I feel for you buddy.

Forget Thorpie and his falsestartery; him missing the Olympic 400m Freestyle is NOTHING compared to how much the Reds will miss you wing wizardary for the next few weeks.

PS - I have an image of your arm anchored up - a la Capt. Harris from "Police Academy" after he sprays his armpits with Mace rather than deodorant.

4/6. 30 March 2004 @ 04:20, ACJ wrote:

I sprained my ankle in a game of street basketball myself, yesterday. I guess I'll be doing MORE web- and design related stuff at least the next few days.

5/6. 1 April 2004 @ 06:46, maki wrote:

I hope you feel better soon Cameron!

6/6. 1 April 2004 @ 11:20, kartooner wrote:

Hope you feel better, mate. Nothing worse than a dislocated shoulder -- actually -- a dislocated anything.

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