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A Blue Perspective: Web Standards Awards

Web Standards Awards
11 February 2004

Standards, awards, the Web. A combination that sprang into my mind in December, but had long ago sprung into the mind of Johan Edlund. Following on from Andy Budd's introduction, the three of us decided that a site was needed that communicated the best of the Standards-compliant best, and thereby communicated the benefits and possibilities of Standards themselves.

Two months on, goes live today and hopefully its debut can act as a psuedo-official validation of the proposition that semantic, Standards-compliant sites are equally as "gee-wow!" as the Flash sites and table frankensteins on other awards sites.

Gushing, praise filled e-mails can be directed to Johan for the gorgeous design of the site itself, and while you're typing you can admire Andy's backend. If you have any qualms with the clumsy words that blemish their work, flame me.

General awards are handed out irregularly, but generally tri-daily, and we have the monthly big award that will be decided by mystery big-name guests. (OK, we don't have anyone, no one, zip, but we're hoping for big, Welsh-length names *cough* Zeldman *cough*)


1/3. 11 February 2004 @ 03:45, Ben Vaughan wrote:

*cough* LOL *cough*. :)
Well done on the site, it looks good. I'm seeing it referenced all over the place, so it'll hopefully do really well. Congrats!

2/3. 11 February 2004 @ 09:03, Simon Jessey wrote:

I am glad you guys have managed to pull this thing together. The end result is excellent. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

3/3. 16 February 2004 @ 09:37, maki wrote:

Great idea, and a beautiful web site to present it too! Just one tiny nitpick... XHTML 1.0 only? How about XHTML 1.1-valid sites? :P

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