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A Blue Perspective: Network effects

Network effects
4 December 2003

You do it everyday on the Internet — find priceless treasures that you just have to pass on to friends, colleagues, and any hapless person that comes within the range of your speakers just as you fire up Gollum's acceptance speech. You get that little spark as you let someone else in on the deal; it's networking.

But full realisation of just how quickly and subtly this process works doesn't arrive until you're the one that's being linked to. Sure, this site is nowhere near as trafficked as it would be if I had a retouched video of an adolescent Darth Maul, or Honda's latest cog-cum-domino TV spot, but my small contribution to the Internet has travelled just far enough to make me marvel at the way someone from Southeast Texas can link to my site on the same page as his dream about Trent Reznor, via his friend in Holland who found it on Stopdesign. I may have come to it 15 years too late, but this is real communication.

Whether it's good or bad, I'd like to hope that anyone who visits this site leaves it with something to think about.


1/2. 7 December 2003 @ 15:37, azure wrote:

Hey! I found you via Stopdesign as well. What a small world. (I'm being facetious.) Anyway, since you were kind enough to go through the trouble of coding commenting ability, I figured I'd let you know that I've gotten a lot from your site already. Definitely good chewy bits to think about, and lovely eye candy as well. So, w/o being too sycophantic here, just wanted to say "great job!"

By the by, you don't wanna read my blog. You'd get cult'cha shock!

2/2. 1 February 2004 @ 19:27, chartoo wrote:

I've come here by way of Indonesia from though I reside south of Boston, Massachusetts.
I've only had my own personal web host since last July and still can't get over the incredible talent and vast resources that are available if you are interested in learning.

To me, you are the Zeldman of Australia!

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