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A Blue Perspective: Shout out to the referrers!

Shout out to the referrers!
3 December 2003

Many thanks to all the code-heads who have linked to my site and are finally making my web host work for their money! (in no particular order)

Douglas Bowman (Stopdesign) | Simon Jessey | Chris Ilias (Tree Called Katie) | Andy Budd | ACJ | Sergio Carvalho | Mike Steinbaugh (Webspiffy)

It's great to look through the referrer logs and see that someone other than your parents have come round to visit, especially people whose thoughts you're so used to reading everyday, and greatly respect.

BTW, Mac IE users might see some strange stuff happening visually, but it should be rectified once I get to sit down in front of a Mac. (if you care to, send any browser weirdness to me and you'll receive a pleasantly worded e-mail in return)


1/1. 19 May 2004 @ 01:42, ACJ wrote:

And then this very post leads traffic to my site (even though the link is outdated). Is this the Web being Lead to Its Full Potential? Looks like it.

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