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A Blue Perspective: A web site is born

A web site is born
28 November 2003

As a web designer, it's rather embarassing when you don't have your own web site. So, four years after I designed my first web site it was about time that I did. Hours of design, code, trashing, re-designing, and re-coding later, here it is: the embodiment of all my web craft learning to date. Design, coding, writing, usability, accessibility; everything is how I would have it when given total control of a project. And that's scary — there is no one to hide behind when content isn't updated, when PERL spits back errors, when the images just plain suck.

Creating the site was a learning experience, not just technically but personally. While working on client projects it is easy to rationally and logically make decisions about the design of a web site: colour, shape, wording, layout. When I am the client — empowered with the exact knowledge of what is possible and what has been done before — each decision is an emotional crisis that takes hours and hundreds of trials to decide. Hopefully if nothing else is gained from this labour, at least a greater compassion for my clients will remain.


1/3. 17 December 2003 @ 13:04, Marck wrote:

Incredible use of style sheets and separate data structure. Just wow.

2/3. 17 December 2003 @ 13:50, The Man in Blue wrote:

Thanks Marck ... interesting web site you've got there :D

3/3. 26 December 2003 @ 11:18, jon wrote:

Lovely example of skilled css, good job

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