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Links: December, 2005

WebPatterns - site patterns
John Allsopp has an interesting exercise in definition – what patterns do sites follow at a high level? It's actually quite hard to neatly define a lot of the sites you use everyday.
20 December 2005, 01:004

Jenga Sears Tower
The Sears Tower reproduced in Jenga blocks. Huge. And then because we're destructive animals, the most fun part, its demolition.
15 December 2005, 15:000

mcville interview with me!
Marko Mihelcic was kind enough to interview me in a design vein. I get a bit serious, then flippant, then deep, then introspective, then dour. You even get a bad photo!
15 December 2005, 03:21

Pandora Music Genome Project
This is the ultimate in online radio. The Music Genome Project has catalogued over 300,000 songs according to 400 attributes of music (melody, harmony, beats, etc.). You type in an artist/song, and you get a customised radio station that plays music similar to your search term, based on cross-referencing.
09 December 2005, 00:57