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Links: June, 2005

Pablo Castillo
Some wonderfully techno-alien insect sculptures from Pablo Castillo.
27 June 2005, 23:40

Kick Ass Kung-Fu
This looks like a heap of fun, and way more interactive than any other video game on the market – control a Street Fighter using your own movements.
27 June 2005, 23:39

Havaianas thongs
One of the most lushly illustrated and graphically stunning sites I've seen in a while. Pure sensation. (Note: Flash)
18 June 2005, 00:17

Adam Bosworth on KISS
Not the band, Adam talks about the importance of allowing simple data formats for the exchange of content (ideas). Possibly an argument against the complexity of creating XHTML/CSS?
01 June 2005, 15:52