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Links: May, 2005

Essential fonts for designers
300 of James Cooper's favourite truetype fonts, free to download in .ttf format. Plenty of non-cheesy, usable fonts in there.
24 May 2005, 21:003

Thomas Pynchon meets Zak Smith
Epic. Zak Smith has created an illustration for every page of Gravity's Rainbow. All 760.
19 May 2005, 14:14

The last Star Wars supper
Eric Deschamps has created an extremely apt and well crafted illustration of the Last Supper in a Star Wars setting. He has some other great work as well.
19 May 2005, 00:43

An interesting little communal site that takes the Photoshop Tennis concept one step further, letting anyone add and modify their own work.
17 May 2005, 18:31

Thomas Mayer's Gehry image archive
Your one-top shop for everything flowing, computer-modelled, and titanium in the architecture world i.e. photos of Frank Gehry's work.
12 May 2005, 19:003

25 years of Post-its
I just love success stories that are part genius, part serendipity.
06 May 2005, 12:15

Wayne White
He takes paintings you'd find at the local op-shop and overpaints them with weird typographical structures. Surreal and stylish.
06 May 2005, 11:17

The Darth Side
Who knew that the second most powerful evil overlord in the history of the universe kept a blog?
03 May 2005, 14:26