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Links: January, 2005

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sleep
An intriguing article into the whos, hows, whats and wherefores of sleeping patterns.
12 January 2005, 23:51

Create your own Southpark character
Ever wanted an abnomrally large spherical head and squat legs? Then make your own official Southpark character. (Note: Flash)
12 January 2005, 18:27

Netdiver best of 2004
Just imagine if you could figure out how to use half these sites. Then they'd be AWESOME.
12 January 2005, 12:01

Pop-up architecture
Architecture that will fit through your mailbox.
10 January 2005, 17:36

Some nice grunge/street/urban/digital art in this collective. And some excellently fluid Flash transitions as well (Note: Flash, sound, language, it's got it all)
06 January 2005, 18:28

Polar bear submarine
A photo of three polar bears investiagating a US submarine surfaced in the Arctic.
06 January 2005, 13:53

BlogAid – Support the Asia Relief Effort
Although I don't make any money off my web site, maybe you can help out. Andy Budd has organised for bloggers to donate the earnings of their web sites towards the victims of the Asian Tsunami and Earthquake.
01 January 2005, 17:34