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Links: December, 2004

The slackers' manifesto
A perspective on the cynical slackness that one author claims is pervasive in modern corporate communities.
21 December 2004, 12:46

Signature iPods
A whole bunch of bands look set to get their own iPods.
20 December 2004, 17:44

Evil Nine - Crooked
If you're a fan of breakbeat, or a fan of animation – or a bit of both – the new video clip for Evil Nine is for you. (Note: Flash)
15 December 2004, 14:15

FILE Magazine
Some terribly innovative photography from a range of photographers at the photo collection that is FILE.
09 December 2004, 17:40

Job Hunt: Day 27
How to execute a perfect job interview.
08 December 2004, 12:27

Exotic guitars
I think it would be almost sacriligeous to actually play these works of art.
07 December 2004, 14:40

Cartoon palaeontology
Michael Paulus' illustrations of the skeletal systems of cartoon characters are inspired.
07 December 2004, 14:10

Distant Horizons
Some truly awe inspiring photographs of the Aurora Borealis, and a nice looking site to boot (Note: Flash)
07 December 2004, 13:08