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Links: September, 2004

Robyn Cumming: In Place
A series of quirky photo-portraits ... that's the best way I can describe them.
30 September 2004, 14:42

Genndy Tartakovsky
An interview with the man whose style has probably influenced modern TV animation more than any other.
30 September 2004, 14:001

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The new radio series has just started on BBC Radio 4. Here's a direct link to the RealAudio file.
27 September 2004, 12:18

Sky Ear
An intriguing art/science experiment that lights up a large array of helium balloons according to electro-magnetic patterns in the sky, such as those from mobile phone tranmissions.
27 September 2004, 12:001

World's best bathrooms
The pictures are kinda small, but so are the rooms.
17 September 2004, 15:21

The Water Cube
The Chinese Olympics are shaping up to be one of the coolest architectural exhibitions in a long time, and this swimming pool is one of the coolest. Check out the Flash video on the side.
06 September 2004, 14:21

Geography Olympics
Think you know your countries? Represent your country in this online quiz of geographical knowledge. (Note: Flash)
03 September 2004, 18:24

I'm not normally into these huge download Flash magazines, but this one's particularly fast and spiffy, with some good hip content. (Note: Flash)
03 September 2004, 17:53

Jakob's on the money
"Misery may seem a tempting way to squeeze an extra dollar out of unsuspecting and na´ve users. But in the long term, users discover which sites treat them well and those are the sites they return to." Jakob gets all weblog-ephemeral on us in his latest Alertbox entry, but it's a good one.
01 September 2004, 16:53