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Links: May, 2004

Bruce Lee remixer
A little old, but still funky. Remix Bruce Lee visual and audio elements using your keyboard. (Note: Flash)
27 May 2004, 15:24

Wired does Pixar
Ahead of the release of The Incredibles, Wired has a great article on where Pixar's been, where they're at, and where they're going. They just moved Google to second place on my "Places to Work" list.
26 May 2004, 17:21

David Stephenson
This Australian resident's photography brings a new dimension to the domes of classic architecture from around the world.
20 May 2004, 17:38

Automated Rubik's cube solver? Motion sensor-enabled rotary cannon!? ... and I thought my Lego monster truck was good.
19 May 2004, 14:37

Nokia N-Gage
One thing most Flash sites get wrong is the scrollbar – thin, hard to click and counter-intuitive. The thing about this site is that Joshua Davis gives you a nice chunky one that you can use.
13 May 2004, 15:03

Scalable pages without SVG
Someone actually used one of my experiments to do something useful! Adam Howell creates a Web page that scales with browser width (my bit), including the graphics (his bit).
13 May 2004, 12:29

Aerial photographs
Vincent Laforet's aerial photographs have a way of making you feel wonderfully miniscule.
12 May 2004, 16:23

Lovecraft fonts
Where Cthulu and fonts meet, you get a nice selection of 1920's, eerie to occult typefaces which subtly evoke the spooky moods of H.P.'s storytelling.
07 May 2004, 12:13

Paperclip art
An icosahedron made of 210 paper clips? Justin Schlecter likes doing that; and helices as well.
07 May 2004, 11:57