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Links: April, 2004

Future vision
After reading Snow Crash I longed for the time when I could jack into a computer with automatic retina tracking and laser-optic projection. Now it's here! Hover cars around the corner ...
28 April 2004, 11:13

Carl de Keyzer
One of the rare times when I've sat through the a Flash introduction in its entirety ... then rewound. Beautiful photography (Note: Flash)
26 April 2004, 15:04

Pixelpalooza 2004
I want to get a Mac just so I can use Yenz's Moccu icons.
26 April 2004, 13:40

Neal Stephenson
An interview with my new favourite author – a man who can effortlessly switch between the technological and the baroque.
23 April 2004, 15:56

Saddam's interrogation logs
Judging from these logs, it'll be a while before the Feds get anything useful out of SH.
23 April 2004, 12:23

Destroy stars
Ebay auctions the stuff you dreamed of when you were a kid, running around with a broom for a light saber.
22 April 2004, 14:01

A God send if you run a weblog and like to ping stuff. Lots of stuff.
21 April 2004, 13:55

The wonderfully old-fashioned portfolio site for Philip Glofcheskie. Dancing Devil! (Note: Flash)
21 April 2004, 16:10

Michel Gondry
Interesting descriptions and commentaries on video clips made by one of the greatest (and most prolific) music video directors.
20 April 2004, 13:25

Mosley meets Wilcox
Some great product design, including a melted army man bowl! (Note: Flash)
15 April 2004, 14:52

Level vodka
Sure, it opens full-screen, navigation isn't easily accessible, and it's all about getting you to drink their product, but the site's pretty damn cool. (Note: Flash)
12 April 2004, 16:48

Snowboarding for asphalt. Hit a pothole and you're screwed, though. (Note: Flash)
12 April 2004, 14:34

Subservient chicken
"lay an egg", "flap", "moonwalk", "scratch balls" ... it's like playing King's Quest 1 with a real live chicken man.
12 April 2004, 13:00

That bike
Anyone who's watched Akira has fantasised about the motorbike. Now it exists.
05 April 2004, 00:51

Paris by night
A rather spectcaular nighttime panorama of Paris. (Note: 1.8MB)
03 April 2004, 16:11