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Links: March, 2004

Daniel Douglas
Not too sure about the paintings, but the interface is quite nice. (Note: Flash)
22 March 2004, 10:39

New Doctor Who
It all sounds good for the upcoming re-hash of Doctor Who. Still, they'll have to do well to beat Tom Baker battling monsters made from egg cartons.
21 March 2004, 18:17

Yamanote train stations
What is it about trains that inspires such devotion amongst some people? Still, this site shows some great 360-degree snapshots of daily life outside Tokyo train stations. Check out those zebra crossings! (Note: Flash)
18 March 2004, 13:05

Fractal of the Day
They're so '90s (as is the web page) but some of these fractals still look great.
16 March 2004, 18:05

Batman Transcendent
An in-depth analysis of the seemingly simple but actually complex Batman theme song.
16 March 2004, 16:39

Chip Foose
I saw a documentary on this custom car designer and his creative energy is amazing. His cars, beyond belief.
16 March 2004, 12:47

John Tarbell continues his display of funky Flash experiments. The cellular automata twist and oily stratum are just a couple of the good ones.
12 March 2004, 14:47

Chrome Mercedes
Sure, you've got the coolest looking finish on the road, but after the fifteenth person drives into your moving piece of sky, it probably wasn't a good purchase.
04 March 2004, 10:53

Space balloons
Apparently popping water balloons in zero gravity is valid scientific research. Looks cool though. (Note: Quicktime/MPEG)
03 March 2004, 13:13

I don't normally link to Flash design agency sites, but this one is extra smooth.
02 March 2004, 14:31

Ninja golf
Quest for the Crown may be the best game on the Internet, but when you don't have Web access, boot up your Atari for this, the ultimate in offline digital recreation.
02 March 2004, 13:36

Creacion de avatars
A cool little tool that allows you to design a cartoony looking face to represent you in your online travels. It's even got a Devo hat! (Note: Flash)
02 March 2004, 13:05

Epic GIF
In Maths class I used to make flip-book animations in the top right corner of my text book. This animated GIF is what I would have made if my textbook was 45,000 pages long, and I had started watching anime back then.
01 March 2004, 11:47