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Links: February, 2004

Hone your l33t Counterstrike skills online with this single player training-style game, before heading on down to kick ass at the LAN party. (Note: Flash)
27 February 2004, 16:51

A curious little game – quite short – that I didn't quite get the first time I played it. You drag objects into the centre and are scored points, but the different sequence in which you combine the objects has different effects, and varying points. (Note: Flash)
20 February 2004, 14:50

David Newton
Psychedelic illustration by David Newton. I particularly like Higher Nature.
16 February 2004, 17:29

Yoko Ikeno
Yoko's clean, fashion-based illustration incorporates 1920's class with modern style.
16 February 2004, 14:03

Butterfly nebula
The Universe, as per usual, provides the greatest spectacles.
16 February 2004, 13:03

Gallery of computation
Jared Tarbell has started up a gallery of scientifically based abstract images using Flash and proce55ing technologies. Some really complex, high-quality and beautiful pieces of art. (NOTE: Flash)
04 February 2004, 16:46

Hop David
In the tradition of MC Escher, Hop David creates algorithmic art. I particularly like the renaissance stylings of Tunnel.
04 February 2004, 11:53

Ford GT
It's a rare car that can pull off racing stripes. This one does it well. (NOTE: Flash)
03 February 2004, 16:51

Chun + Tong
Sure, it's in Japanese so I have no idea what it's about, but I love the splash screen artwork!
02 February 2004, 11:05