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Links: January, 2004

Exploding food
Food taking bullets in slow motion; beautifully destructive. Seven cans looks great, and it's interesting to compare 9mm damage compared to the full 44. (NOTE: Quicktime)
29 January 2004, 15:004

Russian Serge Maksimov illustrates (real ink, not digital!) in his own distinctive style. And huzzah, an illustrator's site not done in Flash!
29 January 2004, 14:31

Quest for the Crown
With the exception of SSCrabble, probably the best game on the Internet. (NOTE: Flash)
28 January 2004, 11:49

The deconstructed mechanics-meets-join-the-dots illustrations on this site are complex yet cute. (NOTE: Flash)
27 January 2004, 16:11

Words before looks
Gerry McGovern writes an interesting article on why web content is fundamentally different to traditional advertising.
27 January 2004, 12:42

Celestial artistry
A nicely understated site, but the content is the gem here. Detailed and beautiful celestial artworks from Greg Martin.
19 January 2004, 17:50

Robot in disguise
A Mazda that transforms into an Autobot. Do Toyotas transform into Decepticons? (NOTE: Flash)
19 January 2004, 17:35

FWA 2003 winners
Lots and lots of Flash at Favourite Website Awards. What's surprising is the choice for official winner of the year, a vote for functionality/usability over vacuous style. (WARNING: Flash)
16 January 2004, 13:21

More cool Flash action scripting. I'm beginning to think of them as art installations. (WARNING: Flash)
13 January 2004, 17:38

Pirelli 2004
Some weird photographic imagery from the 2004 Pirelli calendar.
13 January 2004, 15:14

Poetry commentary
"Actual Comments Overheard In A Poetry Workshop By A Fiction Student In An MFA Program That He, In Order To Fulfill All Degree Requirements, Is Forced to Take". Delicious.
13 January 2004, 12:23

Always a sucker for Flash action scripting, I particularly like the Bandai shading example here (try and find it without a link, because it's Flash). (WARNING: Flash)
12 January 2004, 13:57

Just Photoshop
Based on a photo, but done entirely in Photoshop.
08 January 2004, 13:36

Acid art
In a 1950's US Government experiment, an artist makes nine sketches whilst under the progressive influence of LSD. Funny tripped-out side comments.
07 January 2004, 15:20

Kozy 'n Dan make some great anime-influenced slightly-surreal illustrations using a range of media.
06 January 2004, 16:37