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Links: December, 2003

Of course, snow has no relevance to Christmas in Australia, but this page allows you to make your own snow flake and is quite fun. It seems a little lame at first, but once you view the gallery, you'll want to freeze your own!
24 December 2003, 11:44

The anti-Santa
While well into the spirit of Christmas I discovered the existence of Krampus, the anti-Santa, at's library of interesting information.
22 December 2003, 15:56

Aerial ballet
Better than MS flight simulator, with 1% the code. This app lets you define graceful aerial shapes by controlling a plane using your arrow keys. (WARNING: Shockwave)
22 December 2003, 12:37

A Doomed comic
Subtext, character development, special effects – this comic book adaptation of Doom, the game, has it all. You can't go wrong with lines like "Yeah, that's your spinal cord, baby! Dig it!"
22 December 2003, 12:32

When does origami become sculpture? When you place paper in the hands of Takeshi Hojyo. Archangel Gabriel, a centaur.
19 December 2003, 16:14

Snow sculptures
At this year's International Snow Sculpture Championships, you'll find some amazing feats of frozen water artistry, but I find the geometric beauty of 2001's winner impresses me more.
15 December 2003, 12:20

Vintage racing
Some really great posters from the golden age of car racing.
12 December 2003, 17:53

Djenne, Mali
Quite a strange looking mosque.
12 December 2003, 00:42

The only time I want to hear unprompted music on a web site is when it's Coltrane. Nice under-stated Flash. (WARNING: Flash)
10 December 2003, 16:04

Don't know what it does, but I'm a sucker for tech-artsy Java apps. It's like floating around inside a game of Tetris.
5 December 2003, 17:06

Bill Watterson
Calvin and Hobbes (along with the Far Side) was one of the few comic strips that ever warranted more than a smirk (c'mon, is Hagar even meant to be funny?). This article tries to delve into the reasons why now-recluse Bill Watterson denied us its pleasure.
4 December 2003, 00:50

I love the way that Hewlett Packard have managed to appropriate something as simple as the plus sign to their own identity. This is a showcase of their web-based interactive ads; Dreamworks and National Gallery of London are particularly good (WARNING: Flash)
3 December 2003, 11:12