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Links: November, 2003

Living dead
An estimated 35,000 living people in one Indian state have been declared dead by their relatives and had their property seized, and they can do nothing about it.
28 November 2003, 13:35

The festival dedicated to innovative film, music, design and technology visits Melbourne, with some interesting movies at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image: Daft Punk anime, Michel Gondry retrospective.
26 November 2003, 10:50

Wired savants
Wired's article on the genius of savants and the amazing ways they use their minds; helping us understand our own.
25 November 2003, 15:49

Big detailed pictures of intricate flowers floating in blackness. Have you ever seen a passionflower?
25 November 2003, 11:08

Renaissance sidewalks
Kurt Wenner produces some incredible renaissance-styled pieces of sidewalk art that cross into optical illusion, such as Dante's Inferno and Muses.
20 November 2003, 17:51

Walmart scares me
In Australia we are relatively unaffected by the commercial machinations of Walmart, but this Fast Company article on the U.S. giant boggles the mind. Sales of $244.5 billion!??!
18 November 2003, 10:47

Visual synthesis
Its a little daunting at first, but this visual synthesiser creates some awesome abstract animations. Just click on one of the small boxes on the top left, then click the arrow top right.
10 November 2003, 13:15

Ghost in the Shell 2
Fans of anime should be pleased to see the sequel to Ghost in the Shell nearing release. Here's the trailer for it.
7 November 2003, 12:23

Honda meets Lego
It seems to be Lego day today. This Honda ad does not have cogs in it, but some cool Legomation. (WARNING: Quicktime)
6 November 2003, 15:12

Where does Lego come from?
Ever wonder how Lego is made? This neat animation takes you through the process. (WARNING: Flash)
6 November 2003, 15:07

The photographer of Venice
Thomas England's online photo album. Makes you want to jump on a plane.
3 November 2003, 16:21

Nasher Sculpture Center
Time for a bit of culture, the Nasher Sculpture Center houses some weird and wonderful contemporary sculptures, and has a great web site (WARNING: Flash pop-up)
3 November 2003, 14:11

Japan by night
Some beautiful panoramic images of Japanese cities by night, just click on a city.
3 November 2003, 14:01