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Links: June, 2003

Having fun can make you money
250,000 visitors every monday, 400 t-shirts every day. All for a cartoon.
24 June 2003, 12:23

Why use whitespace on a page? Because Sherif offers this wonderful
17 June 2003, 12:48

Delete Republik
Fairly unusable site, but I love the opening picture.
13 June 2003, 15:22

Wired 40
Wired's list of the 40 movers and shakers in the tech world. Conversely, their underperforming 13.
13 June 2003, 15:20

Low perspective
Worldwide photos taken from ground level. Lush site, great photos.
13 June 2003, 15:19

Best acceptance speech EVER!
It's Quicktime, it's Gollum, it's hilarious.
10 June 2003, 19:10

European contrast
Can European villages ever not look good? Especially in black and white.
10 June 2003, 19:08

Smooth jazz
Didn't really look around the site, but kept it in the background to hear the smooth jazz.
6 June 2003, 16:18

Fun with business cards
Just been to a convention? Do something useful with those business cards.
6 June 2003, 16:14

Net flag
Design your own flag for the Internet from all the world's flags.
4 June 2003, 16:08

Marriage of B & W
Abstract. Surreal. Dark. Digital compositions in black and white.
3 June 2003, 15:32