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About this Site

The Man in Blue is Cameron Adams' attempt to sate the hunger of the hordes of paparazzi currently outside his apartment window and simultaneously educate them on all things design (Web included).

By pure coincidence this site represents Cameron's desire to create a content driven, standards compliant Internet with a certain amount of pretiness. At the moment this means the Web structure is written in valid eXtensible HTML, using Cascading Style Sheets to control all visual styling, and a custom Perl backend to grab all the data.

Cameron has been designing graphical/informational/software things on and off the Web since 1997 – a long enough period to make him understand just exactly how insubstantial his knowledge is, but enough to allow him to pontificate to anyone he realises isn't able to contradict him.

As well as running this site, Cameron is also one of the founders and judges of the Web Standards Awards – a site that aims to promote web site design using W3C standards by seeking out and highlighting the finest standards-compliant sites on the Internet. He is also heavily involved with Melbourne's dance music scene and contributes as a writer to Australia's original electronic music site, Tranzfusion.

You can see more of Cameron's design work on his portfolio, and if you're interested his services are available for hire.